Three cryptocurrencies occupy 90% of the trading volume

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether occupy 90% of the trading volume of the digital asset market among the most capitalized cryptocurrencies.


The increased excitement around cryptocurrencies is caused by the high popularity of Bitcoin (Bitcoin). It is recognized by many as a full-fledged settlement tool. But in order to understand what bitcoins are, where to get them from, it is worth first understanding the history and technical part of its creation. And the first thing to learn is the virtual currency. Unlike the US dollar or Russian ruble, it is not backed by material resources.

There is constant debate over who created Bitcoin. According to the official version, this is Satoshi Nakamoto. It is he who is credited with the idea of an electronic payment system based on mathematical calculations. The concept of the emergence of cryptocurrency is the reason for its features – the digital nature provides decentralization, an even distribution of the bitcoin system around the world.


Ethereum was originally created by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer who previously worked at Bitcoin. Online trading held in 2014 became the main part of financing the new platform. The system went live on July 30, 2015, backed by 11.5 million coins.

As for the Ethereum cryptocurrency – Ether, the blockchain acts as a kind of database that monitors all property rights and transactions that are carried out on the Ethereum network.


Tether is a cryptocurrency that uses the Bitcoin blockchain for financial transactions and is tied to fiat currencies, in particular the US dollar, euro and Japanese yen. For each currency, there is a token identical to its index, but with the suffix “T”: USDT, EURT, JPYT. The company Tether Limited issues tokens, assuring that each of them is backed by a real reserve in the accounts – one million tokens in circulation are strictly equal to one million units of fiat currency in the company’s accounts.

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