Interesting facts about casino and generous bonuses for you

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What do you know about casino? Is it really to earn big money? There ara some facts about these games. Read and know more about it. Don’t forget, we prepeared big bonus for you in the end.


1. Monaco residents don’t dues thanks to the casino.

In the middle of the XIX century, when the princely house of Grimaldi was on the verge of financial collapse, Princess Caroline, wife of Florestan, opened a gambling house. It was so popular, that residents couldn’t pay dues. But Caroline forbade her citizens to cross the threshold of a gambling house for moral reasons. An exception was made only for those who work in the gaming industry.

The law, adopted in the 19th century, continues to be valid in the 21st century, so gambling citizens of the mini-state have two options: cross the Monaco border for a poker party or be content with the online version of the casino, which is not yet banned. So, about online casino, we have really the best website with bonuses:

2.Two-in-one: taxi and casino

In 2016, the world’s smallest casino appeared on the streets of London. It does not have a permanent address or official name. The gambling house itself is located in the back cab of a cab – a traditional English taxi.

3.Gambling saved FedEx from ruin

In 1973, Frederick Smith, the founder of FedEx, was on the verge of bankruptcy. He did not have money to pay employees, and the pilots of his aircraft paid for their own fuel.

When General Dynamics refused him a loan, Smith took the last $ 5,000 and flew to Las Vegas. In a week, he won 27 thousand dollars and prevented the collapse of the company. Already in 1976, FedEx made a profit of $ 3.6 million, and by 2014 it became one of the largest corporations with an annual income of $ 1.2 billion.


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