Do you know everything about investing?

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5 interesting facts about investments.

1) The origin of the word “investment
Do you know that the word “investment” itself came from the Latin language? Moreover, it was originally translated as “dressing up.”

2) The first outstanding investor. Later, with the advent of the first banking organizations, the term “investment” acquired a completely new meaning. And one of the first and most prominent investors can be considered the Scottish financier John Law (1671-1729). It was this man who was one of the first to achieve significant financial success by investing his funds in bank deposits and shares of various trading companies.

3) A real boom was made in due time by tulip fever in Holland. For several years, flower prices have grown thousands of times. The whole country only did that engaged in the sale of tulips. For one rare flower they gave a price comparable to the modern 2 million dollars. Mass investments in tulips completely destroyed the country’s economy, because the rest of the classes were not so profitable. Prices for flowers have increased several times over the year.

4) The US stock market since 1928 has grown more than 2000 times !!! During this time, approximately every 5 years, a collapse of at least 20% was observed, in some cases by 30-50%.

5) The largest profits are generated at the time of the crisis, when the economy and the stock market are at the bottom. When no one wants to buy, knowledgeable investors go against everyone and, after market recovery, easily increase capital by several times.

So, investment is a very interesting type of activity, so we suggest you take the test and see if you can become an investor

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