Madonna posts crotch shot on Instagram and says she gives ‘zero f**s’ who she offends

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Pop icon Madonna has caused a stir by posting a risque snap on Instagram.


The Queen of Pop, 61, took to social media to share a snap of the toned singer sat in lingerie, with some tight black panties in a shot showing her crotch and a transparent bra.

Madonna captioned the image: “Current Wardrobe Sitch… And for those of you who are offended in any way by this photo then I want to let you know that I have successfully graduated from the University of Zero F*^ks Given.

“Thanks for coming to my Graduation Ceremony! @stevenkleinstudio “

Naturally, Madonna’s fans and celebrity pals were quick to celebrate the singer’s bold post.

Photographer and filmmaker Steven Klein responded under the post, writing: “2020VISION POWERED EXPRESSIVE & DETERMINED THE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK… MADONNA  #MASTER -PIECE”


As a fellow pop star and friend of Madonna, Katy Perry commented: “Omg I just enrolled in that college!”

Actress Asia Argento also wrote: “Ti amo!! ❤️  #freethenipple “

Meanwhile, RuPaul’s Drag Race judge and Madonna superfan Michelle Visage commented: “I’m a fellow graduate  @madonna “

Madonna has long fought on to remain highly sexual in her art despite criticism and calls from some quarters to ‘grow old gracefully’.

The division was also reflected by others commenting on her post, with one writing: “Girl I love you dearly. why?? why?? think about your kids.

“too much..way too much. .u r an original dont be like everyone else please.”

Another commented: “To Old to be doing this. Madonna was relevant ages ago. She needs to take a rest.

“Retire from Music with Dignity, she has been dethroned by many others already.”

Meanwhile, another concluded: “Please act according to your age.”

However, the biggest-selling music artist of all-time has continued to prove that she will never go quietly and give in to criticism.

One longtime fan noted: “Anyone that’s been a fan for many years, knows this is so you! Love it!!”

If the caption to her last post proves anything, Madonna does give “zero f**s”.

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