Twitter sympathy peaked in three years

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The positive sentiment of investors regarding bitcoin on Twitter reached its highest levels over the past three years. This is evidenced by the company The Tie.

The study evaluated the number of positive and negative reviews about Bitcoin. Based on these data, an average mood sentiment for each month was determined. Analysts concluded that at the moment, the popularity of Bitcoin on Twitter is at its highest level since 2017.

The number of mentions of BTC also increased in May, reaching 31,111. Researchers attribute this to the past halving of Bitcoin. The Tie CEO Joshua Frank said the research shows us an incredibly bullish market. He added that there is a strong correlation between mentions of cryptocurrency and price.

Tweets were calculated using the keywords Bitcoin, Gold, Trading, and Halving. The company noted that bitcoin is increasingly referred to as digital gold, so without this term the data would be incomplete.

The results of the study were also influenced by a large-scale discussion about bitcoin, which was started by writer Joan Rowling. Her question about what BTC is, collected almost 10 thousand likes. Ilon Mask and Vitalik Buterin joined in the discussion.

Rowling later admitted that she was trying to troll the Bitcoin community, which also turned out to be trolling.

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